About Us

Yolo Activities Hawaii


A Platform Designed for People on the MOVE.

Our Mission at Yolo Activities Hawaii is to provide you with the absolute best activities the Hawaiian Islands has to offer! We are connecting people on the move, to the companies making moves, and innovating the way the world travels.

~The Traveler ~

This platform started with the idea that everyone traveling should have the same access to booking activities on their personal device as the concierges working at the resorts. 100% Contactless Real Time Booking! This means you are booking direct and not waiting on a third party to call and make the reservation. Nobody should ever have to wait for the activity desk to open, stand in line, or dig thru pamphlets to book their next memory. I have partnered with the absolute best booking engine in the WORLD to create a website that brings Hawaii’s greatest activities straight to your Fingertips! Enjoy the local connections, privacy of your personal information and payment, and exclusive access to 100% Contactless Real Time Booking.

~The Locals/Yolo Independent Contractors~

Getting advice from the locals has always been the way to go while visiting Hawaii. Let’s be real, these people have either lived here for years or were born and raised on the island. They know all the good stuff! This platform, much like ride share and food delivery platforms, creates opportunities for locals to make commission just like the resort concierges. We have hand selected local residents from Hawaii that we believe will give you the greatest insights and create an amazing authentic experience.

~The Businesses~

I have personally seen the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to run a successful business in Hawaii! The activity providers workday in and day out to provide memories that will last a lifetime! Late nights, early mornings, and no days off is just the beginning. I have created a platform that allows them to focus on delivering the experience, while we focus on connecting them with the rest of the WORLD! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to bringing peoples dreams to life.

~The Platform~

This platform will forever be a dream! Yolo Activities Hawaii promises to Listen, Learn, and always dream big to deliver the most amazing experiences for anyone and everyone who chooses to be part of our journey! Everybody wins! If we can be better in any way, please let us know. We will always evolve with you and for you. Now that is Yolo!