Become An Affiliate

Meeting the locals and getting the inside scoop has always been the way to go while on vacation in Hawaii. Let’s be real, sitting at a desk in the resort or digging through pamphlets at a grass hut was never the best experience for anybody. Our activity platform creates an opportunity for individuals to earn extra income on the fly much like the ride share platforms in Hawaii. Does this sound exciting yet?

If you are a ride share driver, bartender, waitress, waiter, retail worker, blogger, vlogger, own a business, or have any connection to tourism in Hawaii, we would love to invite you to apply to become an affiliate of Yolo Activities Hawaii! We have created an amazing new and innovative platform that allows us to track the bookings you have driven to the website through your customized links we will create! Yolo Activities Hawaii has partnered with Rapid! Paycard to ensure that we can pay you in the moment day or night when you earn commission! Alerts on your phone have never been so exciting!

I created this company with the dream of locals getting paid for their knowledge of the island, genuine connections, and personal recommendations. This platform is intended to allow you to make extra money on the fly when you want, where you want, and for what you want! Now that is YOLO!

Brody Baker – President